Getting Involved

The network is dedicated to ensuring that we can build a strong community around the varying points of interests that our members share. To ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to keep up to date with our various activities and initiatives you could do the following:

1. Become an official member:

To become an official member of the network follow this link to the European Sociological Association’s website. There you will be given the opportunity to become a member of the European Sociological Association. During the process you will be given the option to join various research networks. Simply select RN06, the Critical Political Economy research network, and you will officially become a part of our expanding network of scholars and activists.

2. Subscribe to our mailing list:

We also have a mailing list through ‘jiscmail’, which currently sits at over 1000 subscribers. Simply follow this link to sign up, allowing you to keep up to date with our activities/initiatives without formal membership. Subscribers also have the opportunity to use the list to share relevant material, providing you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to other list members with similar interests.

3. Join our Facebook group:

Recently we have increased our social media presence, including our Facebook group. Either search ‘critical political economy research network’ via Facebook, or follow this link which will take you directly to it to join our other 400+ members. Here, we aim to promote our activities, but also provide the group’s members the chance to share relevant material, whether that be conference C4Ps, journal/newspaper articles, or other activities that members are involved with.

4. Follow us on Twitter:

And as we know you cannot get enough of all things critical political economy, we also have a Twitter account which you can follow. To find us search ‘@CPERN06’ or follow this link. Again, it is primarily a means to promote the network’s activities, but if we are included in a tweet and it is relevant to the network’s remit we will happily re-tweet to our 600+ followers.

If you are still not convinced about ‘getting involved’ why not head over to our ‘Upcoming Events‘ page to see what exciting events are lined up, and those that have taken place in the past.