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The Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN) was established in 2005 and is affiliated to the European Sociological Association (ESA). CPERN seeks to reassert the centrality of critical political economy perspectives, and to promote and facilitate research aimed at understanding (and subverting) recent transformations of capitalism and capitalist societies.

As part of the commitment to an emancipatory project, CPERN seeks not only to critique existing structures of social inequality (including but not limited to class-, gender-, sex- and race-based forms of oppression), but also to provide a forum for the development and discussion of multiple visions for alternative futures, and to contribute actively to the politicisation and resilience of social struggles within and beyond academia.

The network is a hub for interdisciplinary and cross-regional exchange for both critical scholars and activists, straddling principally the disciplines of political economy, sociology, politics, economics, but also reaching out to geography, social policy and law.

CPERN organises numerous panels and semi-plenaries at the bi-annual ESA conference, and in addition runs a well-established bi-annual workshop, which has been held in Amsterdam (2006), Oxford (2008), Frankfurt (2011), Barcelona (2012), Vienna (2014), Ljubljana (2016), Lisbon (2018) and zoom (2020). In addition, CPERN has launched the annual Critical European Studies (CES) workshop, which has taken place in Amsterdam (2014), Barcelona (2015), London (2016), Frankfurt (2017), Budapest (2018), and Lviv (2019). In 2017, CPERN co-organised the New Materialisms workshop with the Conference of Socialist Economists at Middlesex University Social Policy Research Centre; and the Annual Conference in Political Economy together with the International Initiative for Political Economy (IIPPE) and the Berlin Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) in Berlin.

You can ‘meet the Board‘ to find out a bit more about the individuals who run the network.