The Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN) promotes and facilitates research aimed at understanding recent transformations of capitalism and capitalist societies. It is affiliated to the European Sociological Association (ESA). The primary focus is on Europe, but CPERN is in no way restricted to just this part of the world. CPERN’s purpose is to reassert the centrality of political economy perspectives and to promote critical and emancipatory scholarship. It is a hub for interdisciplinary exchange, straddling principally the disciplines of sociology, politics and economics, but also reaching out to geography, social policy and law.

The network’s main activities include it’s well established bi-annual workshop, which is held across Europe. The most recent have taken place in Vienna (2014) and Barcelona (2012). The next will be in 2016, with the location to be confirmed, so make sure to keep an eye out for what should be another fantastic event. The network is also allocated numerous panels at the bi-annual ESA Conference which in 2015 is being held in Prague. We hope you can make it to see some of our presenters speak and to say ‘Hi’.

Go to ‘Meet the Board‘ to find out a bit more about the individuals who organise the network’s activities.