The Rise of the Capital-state and Neo-nationalism: A New Polanyian Moment

Thursday 25 May, 4pm CET

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Oleksandr Svitych is an Associate Professor of Political Science at O.P. Jindal Global University, School of International Affairs. His main research interest is the relationship between markets and social stability, spanning the fields of political economy, political philosophy, and political sociology. Additionally, he is interested in martial arts studies.


Yuliya Yurchenko, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Greenwich, International Business and Economics Department

Gareth Dale, Reader in Political Economy at Brunel University London, Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Abstract: The talk will adopt a critical political economic perspective to explain the rise of populist nationalism across the globe. It will draw on Karl Polanyi’s theory of “double movement” to understand neo-nationalism as a societal protective reaction against the pro-market transformation of the state. It will emphasize the link between free market reforms, declining state legitimacy, and identity-based mobilization. Furthermore, it will advance the argument that voters embrace identity-based solutions – often in exclusivist and scapegoating forms – to harness their anxieties and insecurities triggered by the state restructuring. Overall, the talk will contribute to our understanding of the inter-related nature of state, capital, and identity politicization through a broader social theoretical perspective.