Critical Political Economy early career scholar writing workshop

Critical Political Economy early career scholar writing workshop

Thursday 21 July 2022
University of Limerick

On the day before this year’s CPERN mid-term workshop we will be holding a writing workshop for early career scholars (PhD students and recently completed PhDs). This will be an opportunity for those working on attempts to secure their first publication. Participants will be paired with a more established scholar in the field of critical political economy, in order to receive detailed feedback with the goal of facilitating the writing and publication process.

This is the second time we’ve run the early career scholar writing workshop – the last one went well and provided an opportunity for detailed feedback on papers being prepared for publication. We’re confident that this year’s workshop will be equally constructive. 

The workshop is supported by the Conference of Socialist Economists, which publishes the journal, Capital and Class, and which can provide limited funding to support travel and accommodation

If you are interested in attending, please send a brief note detailing the paper you are currently working on (1 paragraph), outlining what stage in your academic career you are currently in (1 paragraph max), and what publications (if any) you already have to date.

Email to: by 28 February 2022.