A Critical Political Economy of the Populist Right, After Trump?

This is to announce the new CPERN workshop series: A Critical Political Economy of Covid Capitalism

every final Thursday of the month, 5pm GMT

These will be participatory workshops, advancing CPERN’s goals during the pandemic:

To critique existing structures of social inequality (including but not limited to class-, sex-, gender- and race-based forms of oppression), but also to provide a forum for the development and discussion of multiple visions for alternative futures, and to contribute actively to the politicisation and resilience of social struggles within and beyond academia.

And also to give us a chance to continue our debates and discussions despite being limited to Zoom…

First workshop: A Critical Political Economy of the Populist Right, After Trump?

28 January 5pm (GMT)Register here: https://bham-ac-uk.zoom.us/…/tZ0rcO2tqjkvH9NZt…

Format (derived from our highly successful project – the Critical European Studies workshop):

Morbid Symptoms

In order to foster a constructive debate, each workshop starts with a brief introduction of the theme and the pre-selected text used to kick-start the discussion followed by a few select expert commentators discussing and enhancing the perspectives developed in the core text from the angle of their own research/activism and in the context of current struggles. This is followed by a workshop-type discussion instead of the conference-style Q&A, in order to collectively advance knowledge, understanding and analysis of the themes raised in the workshop and develop shared ideas for action.

Initial contributions are limited to 5 minutes per commentator.

Text: Owen Worth, Morbid Symptoms: The Global Rise of the Far-Right (introduction chapter)


Owen Worth (University of Limerick)

Mònica Clua-Losada (University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley)

Yuliya Yurchenko (University of Greenwhich)

The event will be followed by drinks + comradely conversation

We look forward to seeing you there!