Special issue of Competition and Change on “Varieties of capitalism in crisis?” – based on Geneva conference

Dear all,

A special issue of Competition and Change – http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/com/2012/00000016/00000003 – entitled ‘Varieties of capitalism in crisis?’ has just been published. Edited by myself and Laura Horn (Vice-chair of CPERN), these papers were originally presented at the CPERN sessions during the September 2011 European Sociological Association conference in Geneva.

We would like to thank Jane Hardy, the editor of Competition and Change and who also presented in Geneva, for encouraging us to produce a special issue and for supporting the project through to its conclusion. We think that this is a timely special issue, with a number of contemporary developments discussed.

In addition, it is an excellent representation of the Geneva sessions and, more broadly, of the diversity of papers one can find at any CPERN event. We hope that you find some or all of the special issue interesting!

Best wishes,